Non-NHS Services Fees

Most of the services your doctor provides for you are supplied under the National Health Service. There are, however, some letters, reports and other documents which are not covered by the Nation Health Service.

Your doctor is entitled to charge you for the time it takes to supply this information. A list of fixed fees for specific services is accessed from the link below.

Anything not listed will be charged according to the complexity of the requirement and will usually cost between £27.50 and £97.50.

This information provided is for guidance and fees may be subject to change without notice.

Certificates and Forms

Private Sicknote £15.00
Private Prescription £15.00
Student – certificate of absence £15.00
Student – enrolment questionnaire £15.00
Sickness/ accident benefits claims form £27.00
Provident association (e.g. BUPA, PPP) claim form £27.00
Health club letter – fit to exercise £15.00
Fit to model/ act letter £15.00
TWIMC doctor’s letter minimum £15.00…more if complicated

Medical examination and reports

PCV / LGV / Taxi medical examination and report
Taxi medical: We request that you visit an optician before a taxi medical to check your eyesight
HGV / PSV examination and report £130.00
Police Health questionnaire (for employment) £27.50

Access to records under Data Protection Act

Copy of records held on computer / results £10.00
Copy of records paper and computer £50.00

Travel Abroad (Admin)

Fitness to fly (letter only) £15.00
Fitness to fly certificate £20.00
Fit to travel – extract from records £58.00
International certificate of vaccination £15.00
Camp America report £15.50
Travel cancellation claim form £35.00